Tuesday, January 10, 2012

60 Degrees

It's 60 Degrees Where I Live Today!!!
(Tomorrow Is Supposed To Be 21 Degrees and Windy)

I was on campus earlier today, working on some research...
I drove home (windows down...sunroof open) singing along to this:

 and this:

I'm now headed to work wearing a skirt...with NO tights, and just a light fleece for a "coat."


 Is anyone else experiencing an January "Heatwave"!?


  1. I really needed that Michael Franti song today. It was beautiful in KY, but I am already so overwhelmed I could barely enjoy it. That song put a smile on my face though. Thank you!

  2. LOVING this warm weather! I thought it was going to STAY 60 degrees all afternoon today, but I took C to the playground in the afternoon and ended up freezing my behind off! Silly winter weather grrr

  3. We are, and I'm not in love with it.

  4. Um I wish. It's freezing in Seattle. But it wasn't raining today, so I guess that's sort of a victory!

    Also "hangin around" is such a jam! Ahh that song! I would have rocked out too :)