Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Most Colorful

There is a song by Rocco DeLuca and the Burden, I believe it's called "colorful..." A long time ago, well a few years ago anyway, my dad told me some of the song reminded him of me. 

At the end of my day yesterday, I realized that it really was a good day.
Nothing special: I worked, I worked out, I cleaned/laundry-ed, watched the new Biggest Loser (amazing), and I did a few things that made my day a little more "colorful."

I made Cake Batter Cookies...with Extra Rainbow Sprinkles!!!
Let me know if you want the Recipe--they're Phenomonal :)

I made some stationary/notecards to use as Thank You Notes, (or because I do love sending and recieving snail mail) send to someone (snail mail style) and brighten their day.

So Why Was Yesterday Such A Good Day? Probably Because I Kept A Little Bit Of It Colorful.


  1. I love happy days. Even if you didn't do anything super special, just being happy and thankful always makes my day so much better.

    Also, I really think you should share your cookie recipe!

    Here's to hoping today is as wonderful as yesterday.

  2. You always have the most positive attitude - I love it! Those cookies look delish, but I am starting my weight loss resolution. boooooo. (share it anyhow though) : )

  3. Yum cookies!! That's one of the best feelings - to have a great ordinary day. That's how I feel when I am driving and the perfect song comes on.

    And yay for our shared enthusiasm over snail mail :) I love the DIY stationary!

  4. Love all your bright & cheery projects!

  5. I love those kinds of productive, colorful days. Thanks for sharing yours!

    Like Lacey, I love snail mail and it's cool you made stationary.

    I would love the cookie recipe, but I would only make them every day and eat them until I was 500 pounds and appearing on those TLC/Discovery specials. ;)