Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

This Post Was Originally Going To Be My Normal Friday "Randomness." But after yesterday, I wanted to tell you about the weather on Thursday.  Considering Tuesday was in the 60s, Wednesday was crazy windy but still in the upper 30s, Thursday was brutal.

9 degrees (and that wasn' t even the low) with the windchill feeling like at least a -6.

I clerked before going to class, and parked in my garage parking, put on my gloves, zipped up my warm coat (which was incidentally over a jacket with a warm fur collar), grabbed my hot coffee, and started mentally complaining.

It wasn't until I emerged from a building and saw some people going into the building where I clerk, that I got a much needed reality check:

The man in jeans and a short sleeved polo shirt.

A homeless man sitting nearby wearing shorts.

The woman wearing velour sweats, a hoodie, and flip-flops.

That's pretty sobering, or at least for me it was. Especially when I was having a pity party in my mind about how I was so cold, the weather is awful, and poor me having to walk a block outdoors in this arctic weather.

So the rest of the day when someone was complaining about the weather, I wouldn't chime in like I normally might, but I'd think to myself how lucky I am for having a warm house to go home to, a warm car to ride in, warm clothing, and of course coats. 

So if you're freezing because of the weather where you are today...try and think of all the blessings that are keep you warm.

oxo and Thanks For Reading 


  1. Emily! This was much needed. Thanks for putting things in perspective and positivity! you are a blessing.

  2. So very true - there are people out there who are much less fortunate than us. I need to remember that when I get the urge to complain!

  3. That is so true! I needed to hear this today. Thanks for keeping things in perspective!