Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend...I'm so sorry I was such a bad blogger last week.  Hectic doesn't begin to describe it. Here is my weekend in pictures (and a few words too).

Thursday Night Taco Ride with AB...10 miles Down...10 miles to go

Tacos and Margs at the halfway point in Minneola with CAM

Friday Night CC and I went and saw the Final Harry Potter Installment...It was really good, but considering it was the FINAL one, we were both expecting Epic.  Nonetheless, I got the HP Closure I so desperately needed!

Saturday Night I attended a Margarita Shower for PCH.  It was so much fun, the food was amazing, as were the margaritas...and the desserts were like the best thing ever (Cupcake Island Cupcakes AND Homemade Ice Cream #winning).  It was so much fun celebrating and chatting, that we didn't even realize the time til around midnight when someone looked at the clock...

Even Though I desperately wanted to cancel (after staying out way past my normal bed time), CAM and I went on a 25ish mile trail ride Sunday moring at 6.30am.  We've been in a heat warning since we decided the earlier we go...the better!

Post Trail Ride, Post Church and Post Panera CAM and I went and saw Bad Teacher.  It was pretty funny--sadly we were some of the only people in the theater actually laughing at the Justin Timberlake is just so darn cute :)

Ended my Sunday with LJ at Red Mango (where else?) for a couple hours of catching up on the past week or so! (our daily emails just don't quite do it)!  **I did not realize how much sun I must have gotten over the past few days until this picture--YIKES**

Did You Have a Wonderful Weekend?!  Fill Me In...
Thanks for Reading. oxo


  1. I look like shit in the taco ride pic

  2. Looks like such a wonderful weekend. How did you get into cycling though? It seems like such a geat activity, especially in the summer.

  3. a) Cat you look so cute....I look like a sweaty bear. wuff.

    b) sSe--It was just something I wanted to do...I run a pretty good amount, and thought this would be a great workout to rotatate in (considering how much I've enjoyed spinning classes that I've taken in the past!), also it's a great social thing (which really surprised me). A couple of my good guy friends GMH and KM cycle competitively so I got some good tips on a good starter bike, some great advice and GMH even gave me some bike lessons (HA). Do you cycle?!

  4. What a fun weekend! Looks like you have fun friends and good social activities! :) A margarita shower is such a good idea - yummmm!