Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well, it's Sunday Night...I'm currently sitting on my floor with my calender on one side, my to-do list binder (don't judge) on my lap, an appellate brief just begging to be read before tomorrow morning, and all I can think is 'I got nothing done this weekend...but it sure was fabulous.' (The sad thing is I had major plans to be productive...major plans).

Friday: I worked my half day, got home did a little more work, and then laid out on the deck for good hour or so :)  Following that my friend Ally and I went out for the night.  We didn't have any 'set in stone' plans which was super nice.  We did some shopping (I did some damage...but it's called retail therapy for a reason), and then ended up at Roja for margs and dinner.  GMH ended up coming out and hanging out even though he had a practicum the next morning (he and I totally got our road trip planned...not really but it's more set in stone).  The three of us had so much fun...more margs, then martinis...lots of laughs, good stories, and some fun trips down memory lane.

Ally and Emily's Version of the "Lady and the Tramp" spaghetti picture

Saturday:  I woke up and went on a super long walk (because my doc said I couldn't run til Sunday, arugh!)...and then didn't feel the best so I ended up being a bum and running errands with my dad all morning.  Following that, I went to a 'Stock the Bar' shower for my friend Tricia and her fiancee Mike.  It was so much fun celebrating those two, but also seeing so many people that I've lost touch the margaritas and mini cupcakes were pretty fantastic. (I am kicking myself because I left my camera in my purse and because everything (and everyone) was so cute--and I wish I would have taken pictures to share).  After the shower, I went to a birthday party with some work friends for our friend EH (who we also work with) was pretty fantastic celebrating someone so awesome.

Sunday:  After sleeping a good 10 hours, I forced myself to get up and go on a run...and then remember those fabulous girls in the picture from last night?  We spent the day at the pool.  Normally I'm a lay out on a chair, and then get in if I must--but since we were in a heat advisory all day yesterday...we basically didn't get out of the pool unless it was to go apply more sunscreen.  I ended my day running a couple errands with Tricia (who is another fabulous friend--it was her shower I was at last night).  She is one of the most positive, kind, wonderful, and genuine friends I have, and I always feel so happy after we hang out. 
Fill me in was your weekend?!

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  1. Looks like an awesome weekend, especially the margaritas and cupcakes. Why have I never thought of that combination before?