Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Midsummer Reads

My Wednesday Poolside Reads :)
 At the start of the summer, most of the blogs I subscribed to had a commonality.  They made lists of their 'poolside' or 'beach' reads (I may have been slightly envious of the beach goers...landlocked Nebraska doesn't quite have a beach).  I loved reading what everyone was reading, or was planning on made my brain which had become accustomed to reading textbooks, hornbooks, and case law suddenly excited.  Fiction = Bliss.  Unfortunately clerking full-time, trying to stay on a training schedule for a half, and spending time with friends didn't leave much time for fiction.  Instead while falling asleep at night I dozed over the pages of Self, Shape, Cosmo, People, US Weekly, Running and the occasional Sports Illustrated.  Until Last Week...I got some major reading done (beach side, nonetheless)!  I thought I'd share some of the books with you in case you're in a major reading rut!!!

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo:  I was slightly late to get on this bandwagon, but this book lived up to the critical acclaim.  After the first 100-150 pages, I couldn't put the book down, nor did I want to.  It's definitely not a 'light' read or even a 'feel good' read for that matter.  However the style of writing, the way the characters came to life--allowing the reader to empathize with them, and finally the plot--which kept me guessing down to the last 10 pages or so.  I can't wait to get my hands on the next book (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest).

Lucky:  Another 'not so light' read.  This was a memoir/autobiography of the author (Alice Seabold) of the Lovely Bones (another incredible book).  She recounts her rape, her decision to press charges, and how those couple years and tragic circumstances not only made who her she is today--but made her stronger and prouder than ever.  This might be a great book club read, as the subject matter is pretty heavy--but written in a manner which would would assume that Alice is a fictional character.  Compelling, Heart Wrenching, and Honest.

Something Blue:  First of all, it was difficult for me to read this book without picturing Kate Hudson as Darcy the entire time. Secondly, this was the perfect poolside read--fun, light, and quite amusing.  I loved the pace of this book, the fact that I could get through it in about 2 or so hours was the whole time I was reading it I was like 'uhhh I hope they're going to make this into a movie.'

Trading Up:  Candace Bushnell is one of my favorite 'trashy/light fiction' author, which was the only reason I purchased this book.  It followed the tale of a social climbing, manipulative, evil, beautiful model and her rise and fall.  It was nothing spectacular--but at the same time, once I started reading, I didn't put the book down til I was finished.  My favorite part of this book were the 'hokey' witticisms, which I could totally envision a character on a lifetime movie saying.  Definitely not an ounce of substance in this book, but every once in awhile I appreciate an 'in one ear and out the other' type of book, and this--was just that.

**I did read a couple more books--but I didn't want to overwhelm any of you with my list and reviews of a good 9 or so books!!!  Happy Reading Friends. xo**


  1. I have been reading the Nora Roberts wedding series (don't judge!). I think it's called Ever After...anyway, for brain candy summer stuff it is SO fun!!!

  2. I've heard so much about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and now with your review I'm thinking I have to read it.

  3. Haha. I can't lie--ever once in awhile a Nora Roberts or Danielle Steele book is JUST what the Doctor ordered!!!

    I'm so excited you're going to start reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo--you have to let me know what you think!!!

  4. I bought my mom the first two books "Dragon Tattoo" series for her birthday, and she said they were slow starters but ultimately quite good.

    I read Something Borrowed {but missed the movie when it was in theaters! Drat!}, but I didn't really care for Darcy, so I'm not sure if I'm going to read Something Blue.

    I absolutely love that Jennifer Weiner book you have pictured. I just found out today that she has a new one out {or out shortly?}. She is my favorite author. Have you read Best Friends Forever? I think it is my favorite book by her.

  5. I gave my dad "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series" for Christmas and as he's finished reading, he's put the books in my room to read but I haven't yet gotten to them. Glad to hear how good it is!