Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday & Presidents Day...
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, or is still having a nice long weekend.
I was in Denver for Jessup (an International Appellate Advocacy Competition) this weekend...and I tried to take lots of pictures...ENJOY!
1) Valentine Day Champs; 2) Long but beautiful hiking at Red Rocks; 3) Sushi with JV who argued opposite my position; 4) Valentines Day team tats.

Prior to the awards reception at Strum College of Law with MMB, who argued the second set of issues to my first set (:

1) Team Picture at Red Rocks; 2) Howl at the Moon Buckets; 3) Shopping in Downtown Denver; 4) Obligatory Rocky Mtn Chocolate Bear Picture.

I was supposed to leave on Sunday Evening, but the flight was I put my name in to get bumped if necessary. I got bumped, had a slumber party with my cousin's wife P (who was also at the airport), and got a nice voucher for my next trip (!!!) Now, I'm just crossing my fingers that I get home on time for class this afternoon.
How was your weekend?
Have a Great Day & Thanks for Reading.


  1. Love everything about this! You look FAB in the reception pic!! Hair, outfit..cute!! Have a great week! We are so close to being done ah! xoxoxo

  2. Oh I love all of those pictures! And your hair is just wonderful! You should do tutorials.

    Head over to tomorrow to enter our giveaway!

  3. Hot stuff! You look great for the awards reception!

    Hope you made it back on time...