Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Moot Court Starts Today, I think I'm Getting Sick, and it's Monday. Awesome.
Irregardless, I had a pretty awesome weekend so my whining is unwarranted.
Small Warning--This Post Might Be Slightly Overkill on Pictures :)

Dinner at M's Pub in the Old Market... With EG and LJ

Mom and Dad Stopped by to see the girls and bring some yummy ice cream cake!!!

This is definitely when I was getting serenaded by my friends...
I'm bummed that I cut some of my friends out of this picture!!!

Our Little Group Right When We Got To Capitol for Dancing, Drinking and More Celebrating :)

CAM --Yay for Cousins!


With one of my most favorite law school friends KGE

Coordinated with Brank!

What else did I do this weekend!? Oh, hang out with LJ and work on our oral arguments for moot court... Celebrate with my family last night which was so much fun... and tried to enjoy the 77 degree temps yesterday!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well. oxo


  1. LOVE THAT DRESS!!!!! ahhh I want. I'm glad you had an amazing birthday weekend! You look so happy and gah-geous :)Praying for you this week!

  2. Love the photos! :) And I hope you're not getting sick, friend! :(

  3. Cute dress! I'm never brave enough to go all out metallic but you pull it off so well! Happy belated bday! Glad you had so much fun!!!

  4. What an amazing birthday! I love, love, love your dress!