Monday, October 17, 2011

In 1986...

1986 was a great year

Prince's "Kiss" was one of the top songs...

1986 Top Grossing Movie At The Box Office...

"Top Gun" oh Maverick and Goose, even 25 years later...le sigh

Ferdinand won the Kentucky Derby
Argentina Won the World Cup...and Ray Floyd was at the top of the PGA

The Challenger Exploded...
...Leaving a Nation Stunned.

The first American Girl Doll was invented...although it wasn't until '98 when Mattel bought the rights to said dolls.

Run DMC and Aerosmith shocked the world with their hip-hop/rock collaboration "Walk This Way"...

Oh, and on October 22nd, 1986...I was born.
Happy Birthday Week to me...I'll be celebrating on my Blog (and in real life) All week!!! Cheers. oxo


  1. That was a good year! But now I feel SUPER old! Happy Birthday Week to you!

  2. Yayyy happy happy birthday! I was born in 1986 too (just a few weeks after you, actually). I love love birthdays and I'm glad that you're celebrating all week :)

  3. Yay, happy birthday week! I hope your week is just fabulous!

  4. Happy Belated to you. I'm caught up on your fun happenings. It was fun to look at 1986. I was a junior in high school.