Friday, October 28, 2011


It's Halloween Weekend. I'm getting crazy I mean sitting in an 8 hour MPRE review session all day Saturday followed that night by dinner at a professor's home... And outlining, don't forget outlining. But I suppose that can be the "scary" or "frightening" part of my weekend.

I heard this song on the radio this morning, and it made me happy. Partially because I love the Zach Brown Band, and partially because it's a good song.

Other Things Making Me Smile Today:

Did Anyone Else Watch Game 6 Of The World Series?
It Was sooooooo Good (Obvi). My Older Brother, DGA, Went To College In St. Louis; And I've Been A Pujos Fan For Years...Annnd That Freese Is Pretty Cute ;) Therefore: Go Cards!

Walking Into Evidence (that starts at 7.55am) At 8am And My Professor Going "Oh, Good...Now We Can Start." I'm going to pretend his comment was based on my invaluable Evidentary insight. HA!

I called Living Social Customer Service Last Night Because I Couldn't Find A Voucher That I Purchased. The girl who helped me, also named Emily, was the nicest person ever (coincidence...I think not), and because I was nice to her she put some money on my living social account!!!

I'm cutting up my credit card after I pay it off for this month today. I don't have any debt, and I feel like this Credit Card could change that. Scary. Plus I need to save my pennies for a post bar exam trip (yes in a year and a half) with LJ.

Sorry for the random stream of consciousness...but that's exactly what is going on this morning :) I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend!!! oxo


  1. You just said the bad word: outlining. I think my body tensed when I read that.. haha! I remember those precious outlines! I'd usually compile as many good ones as I could (and recall how lucrative it was to get the BEST outlines) and then make my own combining those AND the book. And um.. you're way more on top of it that I was. I usually started outlining mid-November. haha.. Oops.

  2. I think cutting up your credit card is so smart! I'm always so tempted to use mine, even when I know I shouldn't! I hope you have a lovely, relaxing Halloween weekend!

  3. OMG Halloween is classically time to start outlining. I forgot. I'll probably put it off until Thanksgiving. Oh the joys of 3L.

    And OMG I am SO jealous that you don't have debt. Cut up your credit card NOW! Ha.

    Also I'm glad WA doesn't have an MPRE! We just have an ethics portion of the bar... and if you don't pass then you don't pass the bar. BLAH. I don't want to talk about it. Talk about spooky ;)

    I hope your weekend isn't too awful!

  4. Happy weekend. Thanks for your comment on Baby Diva today.

    Good for you on no debt. Way to be. Leigh