Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap (Tons of Pictures!!!)

It's not that I was lazy last's just that I was overwhelmed, and I'm still trying to catch my breath--or at least keep breathing :)  So I'll give you the last two weekends (you're welcome) in some pictures!!!

Spent Friday Afternoon with Erin and her bf at the Cox Classic (A Golf Tourney --the Nationwide Tour-- Played in Omaha).  This was after I met Matthew Rosenfeld (hot Texas golfer) while he was practicing on the range...and he gave me some tips on my swing and told me he thought I was pretty cute...or something along those lines ;) (nothing like an ego boost to start the weekend)!
That night Ally, Andrew, Grant and I went out... This picture is a couple glasses of wine in, and pre going out to Pitch (delish) for Pizza and their Artichoke Salad (which I'm obsessed with)...then to Grant's new place so he could show off the icredible job I did organizing his closet...then to a bar we could walk to with some fabulous mojitos :)
Somehow Grant and I were champs and managed to wake up early the next morning in order to spend all day Saturday at the Cox Classic :)  We ended up walking the course and following this really cute golfer who wore Lulu Lemon--James Love--which was so much fun, considering I normally sit in one of the boxes and watch the golfers finish either on the 9th or 18th green.  Since we walked so much we ended our day in the Grey Goose Suite enjoying a few golf inspired cocktails :)

Saturday Night I went to PCH's Bachelorette Party :)  It was fabulous!  I had so much fun--I absolutely LOVE this picture...and I can't wait for her wedding, which is in about 12 days!!!!!!

Sunday I went back to the Cox Classic, and followed James Love again.  I met up with a guy named Anthony who is one of James' friends, who Grant and I had met the day was nice to have someone (who was really good looking, nice, funny, and smart) to walk with--especially because he explained a few things to me about life--and golf (plum bobbing anyone!?)
I met mom and dad for lunch after walking the course...and I  indulged in the most delicious drink made around my favorite type of alcohol (Grey Goose Citron)!!!
Monday my friend Tommy and I golfed in a tournament benefitting domestic violence.  The weather was ideal and Tommy is a scratch golfer--which is kinda an he and I walked away with some pretty awesome prizes :)
 That was last weekend--here's a recap of this past weekend :)

Friday Night my Friend Morgan was in town from NorCal...(She is one of my oldest friends--we've pry been friends for at least 22 years, but who's counting?!) we grabbed a few drinks on the patio at Crave!  And planned a trip for me to come vist her and her hubby, and some winerys in September!   After that I met up with my friend Christine and we saw Friends With Benefits.  Aside from some super uncomfortable "intimate" scenes, we both thought it was so cute :)

 Saturday I worked out, laid by the pool,  ran a few errands, went to church, and hung out with these cuties :)   We went to the playground, played monopoly, drew pictures (which are now hanging in our office at work) and wrote each other letters.  Sorry for the quality of the picture--I took it on my blackberry :S

Sunday Night Erin, Christine, Adna, Kailee and I went to Darios in Dundee for dinner.  4 of the 5 of us had never been there...and it definitely did not disappoint!  It was so good, but slightly nostalgic as we've clerked together all summer and school starts in a week. Wuff to that.
Fill me in was your weekend?!  As always, thanks for reading...and be blessed today :)

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