Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gleek-ing Out :)

I am a self-proclaimed Gleek.  I root for Rachel Berry, I swoon when Blaine (or Puck) sings, I laugh at Sue Sylvester's antics....and honestly I don't know what I'll do after this season ends and my favorite characters retire...uh I mean graduate.  Here are a few of my favorite songs from Glee, I thought I'd limit myself to sharing 4 with you.  Enjoy your Tuesday!!! oxo

I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles is probably one of my favorite songs.  This remake with the purity of Chris Colfer's voice--beautiful.

Back in the day...this TLC Song Was Always On the Radio...Mashed with a Song from one of my favorite musicals (West Side Story)--Pretty Sweet Combination.  
(With this commentary can you tell why I decided NOT to be a music critic!? ;D)

Adele is currently a favorite artist--but until Gwyneth did this song--I didn't listen to the lyrics...plus Gwyneth in general is just amazing...I really wish she would come back to Glee on a regular basis :)

I couldn't resist sharing this song...I love the musical Wicked.  My friend Morgan introduced me to some of the the music, and it wasn't until I saw it live that I fully appreciated the story, the characters and all of the music.  I think this duet of For Good sung by Chris Colfer and Lea Michele gives the Wicked Cast a definite run for their money.

Okay, enough Gleek-ing out for now...Is anyone going to see the movie?  I was until I read the review--now I think I'll just wait for it to come on HBO or out on dvd! THANKS FOR READING!!!


  1. I was in show choir in high school, and while I totally nerd out for HS TV shows, even as an adult (hello Friday Night Lighst, One Tree Hill) I didn't get in on the beginning for Glee, so I've only seen a few episodes here or there. I'm going to have to watch it all on DVR, b/c I know I'm at Gleek at heart, too!

  2. I started watching Glee in the middle/end of the first season and got hooked. I caught up on it on hulu! I actually wasn't in show choir, but after watching Glee, I wish I was. I'm with you on dorking out for the HS TV Shows (Gossip Girl...!?)

  3. I LOVED when they did the Wicked song in NYC. I'm getting to the point where Rachel is getting annoying, but I really love Kurt and Santana! I am ready for my fall tv shows to come back - including Glee!

  4. I love it when Gwenyth is on Glee, don't you?
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I liked the cover art of Names My Sisters Call Me too. I like a good girly book (chick lit, whatever) from time to time. It is fun to read about fashion, make up, etc!