Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hex Nut Bracelet DIY

On Sunday I spent part of my day with my friend TMA.  She, unlike me is extremely crafty and creative.  She mentioned she needed to go to the hardware store to buy supplies for bracelet making.  I was immediately intrigued, mostly because I'm really into bracelets lately--but also because I don't normally make a correlation between the hardware store and bracelets.  I followed a step by step I found here.  However I'll try to give you a brief synopsis of how to make a simpler version of the Giles & Brother braided hex nut bracelet that is retailing for $200 for less than $4!!!

We Started at the hardware store.  Each of us got 20 1/4 inch hex nuts (.09cents/hex nut).  We split the cost of the twine ($4.99). 

After cutting 3 one yard pieces of twine, tie a know about 2 inches from the top.  (I secured mine with tape to a solid surface which made the entire project MUCH easier).  I then braided about an inch and a half down...

Starting at the left string add one hex nut and then braid the left string over the middle.  Make sure to PINCH the hex nut and the string to hold it in place.  Repeat to the right side by adding one hex nut to the right sting and then braiding the right string over to the middle. Again...remember to PINCH at the base after each additional hex nut is added. 

Keep repeating the process of adding hex nuts to the L then the R side...pinching securely at the base :)

After you do your desired number of hex nuts (I believe I bought 20, but just used 18)...resume braiding about 1 and a half inches...then knot that side.
Just a lil bit of hardware store glam. 

I'm wearing my bracelet exactly like this today...(I had a couple j.crew bangles on--but that was a bit much) :)  

How are you going to wear your hex nut bracelet?!

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