Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends!
I hope some of you get to enjoy an extra long weekend.

On Friday, it was LB's (far right) last day working at the law our little group went out to celebrate her new job!

This past week my sweet Ging turned most of my maternal side of the family came to town this weekend to celebrate his birthday on Saturday.

We had a family party with lots of yummy food (and wine), went to the Saturday night church service, and just enjoyed being together. (The above picture is with my 86 year old Grammy and my cousin C).

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of my cousin's little guy. After singing happy birthday, this picture was snapped was when we were both sooo excited for cake =D

Late Saturday Night, I went out with some family and friends...which was the perfect way to end such a wonderful day.

Sunday was  laid back. I saw Skyfall, which was really good. (Especially because of how well Daniel Craig wears a tailored suit...and because I love Javier Bardem). I got a lot of studying done, oh and I got this picture from the previous evening (actually a handful of pictures) sent to me...

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend!! And AMEN to DC in those tailored suits/tux. A and I saw on Sunday night and I was like, "Take notes, love." Haha! Have a great week!! Prayers for you!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend Emily!!!