Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Faves

T.G.I.F. Friends!!!

I'm baby-sitting all weekend...and I don't think I could be anymore excited about what I have planned =D Pumpkin Patches, Movies, the Zoo, Cheering at Youth Sports, and Just Hanging Out with my favorite kids sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

Here are just a few of my latest favorites (or downright obsessions)

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer (available at your local grocery stores and gas stations). I know I've whined talked to all of you about the fact that I don't like plain water in any way, shape, or form! So far my favorite flavors are the lemonade, fruit punch, and strawberry watermelon...It makes getting in my 8 or 10 glasses a day, so easy and delicious. 

Laura Mercier Babydoll Lip GlaceI recently stumbled on to this at Sephora, it was more than I would usually spend on a gloss, but after wearing it for the past couple weeks...I have to say, it was worth every penny! I love the light,  non sticky texture, the sweet scent (and kinda cupcake taste), and the color. Oh! I could go on about the color all day. I've been wearing it by itself, and over the Balm lip stain this past week--and love how it makes my lips look so much fuller, glossier, and stays on for hours!

Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm (BB Cream) I don't like Foundation...Tinted Moisturizer tends to make me "shiny..." And then thanks to Birchbox (you can Join Here)

I discovered Dr. Jart and his wonderful world of dermatological makeup products. My skin looks smoother, even-toned, and the glow this BB cream gives--lasts All Day (without any powder or setting spray).

Hershey's Almond Joy Pieces In the spirit of Halloween Candy you're not supposed to share with anyone but yourself--I thought I'd tell you about my latest addiction. Omgosh, Omgosh, Omgosh...So So So good, crunchy, coconutty, sweet, and delicious. The only problem is the addictive quality ;)

Have a Great Weekend Friends!


  1. I love Mio! I also hate plain water - I always add lemon but now I have discovered Mio and Crystal Light energy packs (I have about 3 of the strawberry-flavored packs a day!) and love them both! And thanks for the BB cream suggestion- I have the Garnier one and am not sure that I like it! Have a great weekend babysitting!

  2. I also get the birchbox and got the B&B cream. I tried, too, the loreal (or however you spell it) B&B cream and I MIGHT love that one more. It's a less thick and somehow seems to have more coverage (not sure though). So good. I'm going after work to buy a full thing of it. Also, I'm going to try that lipgloss next time I go to Sephora. Thanks for the suggestion!!