Monday, October 4, 2010


I thought this was fitting for the month of October...and for the way I've been acting and feeling lately--I'm sure this feeling will last at least all three years of law school. I'm turning into a zombie--not a Night of the Living Dead or Zombie Land type--but a law school zombie. I did some research on Zombies, and found out some surprisingly similar characteristics between a first-year law student, and a zombie. According to the (fantastically accurate and always factual) wikipedia, there are certain characteristics a zombie a zombie, we'll see how well they fit with me: A zombie of a first-year law student!

*Discolored Skin and Eyes--time in the library has led to this--not only am I pale, though the glow from my computer screen gives my pale skin a luminous finish, but my eyes are bloodshot from the lack of sleep and constant reading...not to mention the lovely purple bags under my eyes. 

*Non-Communicative--Absolutely. My friends outside of school can attest to this one, although it really is an unintentional on my part--I'm not sure if that makes me more or less of a zombie.

*Unaffected by injuries, as long as they don't hurt the brain too much--Does this not sum up the rampant cold/flu that is going least I'm okay with feeling miserable (cold/sinus infection wise) as long as I can still study--and shamelessly plug how I feel =D.

*Last but not least-Contagious actions or characteristics--I feel as if this could be the aforementioned cold going through the first-year class...But even more, word of mouth within school is very contagious. Hearing other's study habits, organization skills, understanding of concepts--is enough to stress someone out, drive them crazy, or even turn them into a zombie.

So have I gone over to the dark side? Am I a zombie?! You can be the judge of that...Though I feel like one, and am acting like one (sorry)--There is a light at the end of the tunnel (and it's not just graduation in 3 years) but fall break in less than 2 weeks! Happy Monday fellow zombies and friends. xo

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