Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It really surprises people that I get a fall break. Not going to lie, it was quite a nice surprise for me. I had visions of sleeping until noon, and then taking naps, going out of town, going out on the town, and not giving school a second thought. I am laughing hysterically (as I hope you are if you are in law school) as I write this because fall break has been the exact opposite of that utopia I had imagined.

Instead of sleeping in I've been up early--one morning to get my oil changed, another to work, etc. Although napping would be nice, my break time has filled up with all of the errands that I haven't been able to get to since school started (oil change, dentist, tailor, bank, silent auction item pick-up...). But sadly those aren't the main part of my break, instead the main part is studying :s I am making the most of it--going to places with windows--you laugh, but there aren't windows in our classrooms, so I'm thoroughly enjoying it....Going to coffee shops that are out of the way of campus that I usually couldn't get to during the day, but this week I can...Or even sitting on the patio at home with a glass of Pinot Noir enjoy at the beautiful fall scenery with my con law book--which really added to the scenery, ha ha.

I'm sure this post sounds like a pity-party, or you'd like to offer me some cheese with my 'whine' but it isn't. I'm thankful for this chance to not only decompress, but to destress, and take a step away from the usual day-to-day law school, and refresh before the real stress sets in!

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  1. Ha! I went out west for the week and did nothing school related at all...of course, that probably means I'll fail every class, but it was worth it.