Sunday, August 29, 2010

Its been one week...

The day before school started, my older brother told me I looked smarter already. He saw me yesterday, after I had a week of school under my belt, and didn't say anything. However, a few of my regular coffee shop customers did comment on my appearance--one told me I looked stressed, but I was having a good hair day--the other was a little less complimentary and said I looked very anxious and tired...I thought about making his drink decaf, but refrained.

So what happened my first week of law school? It was a complete blur--but here are a few things that I wasn't quite expecting:

*I have bruises on both of my shoulders from how heavy my backpack is--and I carry the material for one class plus my laptop.
*I've regressed to middle school by using my locker, bringing my sack lunch, and color coding my class notes/assignments.

*Running after class has become my happy place...and for those of you who know me well--running and happy place have never been in the same sentence before.

*People are genuinely helpful and extremely friendly. I've always heard how competitive students in law school, but I haven't experienced that at all...Instead the people I've met have been willing to give advice (for some reason I keep hearing: relax), answer questions, discuss assignments, and laugh at some awkward moment in class.

It's nice looking back over that first week and realizing that I survived my first week of law school...and wondering what this next week will bring--other than fresh shoulder bruises :)

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