Thursday, September 6, 2012


I've come to the conclusion that there just aren't enough hours in the day...and that I really miss bloggy friends, and blogging in general. So here is a very random and jumbled update on my life :)

I Joined Lifetime, and I couldn't be more obsessed with it. Every time I go I feel like I'm at a spa, the group fitness is fantastic, and I'm really excited to get in shape (with the goal of doing a triathlon prior to graduation in May)  On a more depressing note: during my initial assessment my trainer goes, oh you can lose at least 25-40 pounds (I thought 15-25 would be more than enough))...

I haven't figured out how to square this with my love for Mexican Food and Margaritas. However I've fallen in love with Protein Shakes for Breakfast (Chocolate Protein and PB2 mixed with water--tastes like Reeses, less than 300 calories, and keeps me so full). I've also become a big fan of fish oil (it's supposed to help with skin, hair, cardiovascular health, along with helping some lbs come off).

I made it to my 3rd (and last) year of Law School (not even kidding, I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I wrote that statement). I'm still clerking at the same place that I started in the Winter of my First Year. Along with clerking a few days a week, I'm to the point in my schedule where I get the chance to take all electives...except for Criminal Law. So I'm taking negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, juvenile law, children family and the state, along with the aforementioned crim law. 
I've Taken A Few Trips This Month...both were pretty spur of the moment, but a ton of fun. Aspen, right before school started--that involved lots of road biking up mountains (I get sore legs thinking about it), biking down Snowmass Mountain on their ski runs (scariest thing ever)...eating lots of delicious food and of course trying some yummy drinks. 
Denver was over Labor Day Weekend, which we decided to do about 8 hours prior to leaving. Same story as Aspen, lots of biking, great food, and of course yummy drinks.

Happy Thursday Friends!
Thanks For Reading :)


  1. Okay, you are TINY! How HOW can you lose 40 lbs? That seems REALLY excessive!

    Also hooray for 3L! It is the best year of law school! Enjoy it :)

    I'm glad you're back.

  2. Um, I'm going to second Rebeka - there's no way you can lose 40 pounds. You would be thinner than Posh Spice! Crazy talk.

    Aspen sounds wonderful. I would love to go there someday. I bet those mountains are beautiful.

    Hope 3L is off to a good start for you. We can do this!

  3. 40 pounds would be ridiculous. You look fine now, but if you wanted to lose weight at all, I'd say 15-20 would be the max before you'd start looking skeletal. And again, that is only if you wanted to do it because you look fab!

    3L is such a relief. I am surprised about criminal law in your third year though, that was a requirement of 1L for me. But then again, I have been out of law school for 7 years so a lot has changed. :)