Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings

I was clearing my search history on my phone last night:

A few that made me laugh...

"What do the pink elephants in Dumbo mean?"
(basically when they were flying around someone's head it meant that they were drunkie)
"Is it a felony/illegal to steal a cactus from the desert in Arizona?"
(Yes. Huge Fine and Jail Time)
"Where (Close to O-town) Can I Buy This 100 proof Little Bit Of Magic!?"
(Kansas City, Missouri... Sigh)

I found this old (like sophomore year of college) picture when one of my friends on Facebook commented about humidity and her hair.

Faux '80s hair volume beats definitely humidity frizz :) As do our expressions... (If my memory serves me correctly we were trying to imitate someone at the bar who was really cool)

My dad and I watched J. Edgar last night.

It was one (like the Iron Lady) that I wanted to see when it came out...but I never got around to it. I was definitely riveted (which never happens) the entire 2 hours and 17 minutes. Leonardo DiCaprio, Michelle Williams, and Armie Hammer (sigh) were all incredible--I almost forgot at times that I was watching a movie, but thought I was watching history happen. 

3 songs that played randomly (and in a row) during my 8mile run yesterday: "Europe" (The final countdown); N'Sync (It's gonna be me); and Bone Thugs and Harmony feat. Phil Collins (Home). 

And a song I listened to on my way to work:

Happy Monday Friends & Thanks For Reading!!!

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  1. I love It's Gonna Be Me! I always listen to boy bands when I run!

    And that pic of y'all from college is too funny! Y'alls expressions are priceless haha!