Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Things

I said "I'm not going to buy anything," (which seem to be my new famous last words), but I fell in love with this LBD. It looks amazing on... (like did I just shrink 3 sizes type of good) Also, I figured this dress would be perfect for work, the fabric is great for traveling, and lightweight for the hot summer weather.

This Candy
I've been obsessed with lemon drops lately. I don't know if it's the summer weather, or maybe my taste buds are changing (normally I loathe tart candy and/or fruity candy), or what.  But they've become my new go-to candy (like 1 bag at my desk and 1 bag in my purse type of go-to). 

This Drink
Fruit Infused Water. I switched the fruit in my infusion pitcher to limes...and ohmygoodnessitissogood. I have been going through a pitcher each day--which is pretty impressive, considering I'm not quite the water drinker I should be.

This App
My Fitness Pal is currently my favorite app on my iPhone. Not only does it keep me accountable with tracking my calories, but it keeps me extremely motivated by keeping my progress visible, allowing me to interact with friends on this app (and see their progress), and input my calories burned. It's gotten me on the right track, and kept me there--which other programs/diets have failed to do...oh and another bonus, it's free! (bloggy friends--if you're on this let me know so we can be fitness pal friends too!)

This Bag
I know no one who reads my blog is shopping for a gift for me (although if you are reading this mom...please, please, please). This tote (specifically the Longchamp le pilage large in black) is something I've been coveting. I'm not quite sure as to why I haven't bought it...probably because I don't have a reason to do so (but if I did have a good reason, I'd pry have to buy it, so if anyone could give me a reason that would be fabulous).

Happy Hump Day & Thanks For Reading...
What Are You Currently Loving or Coveting?


  1. Love the dress. It's a classic.

  2. Infused water? Yes! Longchamp? Double yes. MyFitness Pal? Triple yes! Love all of them!! MFP is the BEST. We need to be friends on there!! Hope your week is going well!!! :)