Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

No lie... it felt like SUMMER this entire weekend, AND it was Law Prom, AND I (finally) saw the Hunger was fabulous.

Friday we had Barrister's Ball, more casually known as law prom. It is kind of the last chance prior to finals for everyone (law students and professors) to relax...and get a little rowdy. It's also a good chance to play dress up.

 I originally had a completely different dress picked out, but it was a little "too much" for lack of a better phrase...and I was really happy the way this one turned out.


With E 'hb' H...

And of course, prom can't be complete without a handsome date...which I obviously had ;)
Plus without even planning it (even though you can't see this) my nails matched S's shirt perfectly. #win.

After a late night, a lazy Saturday was exactly what the doctor ordered (minus the waking up before 8am part). I ended up getting some work and homework done while watching Fringe with S (I'm still completely baffled about the entire show), and then we went to Pitch for an early lunch. Following lunch, we went to see (after me talking about wanting to go see way too much over the past couple weeks) "The Hunger Games." I can't lie, I was disappointed. I'm not sure if it's because everyone told me how incredible the movie was, and I had gotten my hopes up; or if I (incorrectly) assumed that everything from the book would be included; or if I just wanted S to like it as much as I liked the books. Regardless, I liked it--but I think, as always, the books are always better. Saturday night consisted of church with my parents, studying some more, and hanging out a bit with my friend A--and working on his big birthday party...

Sunday started out with a long run with AB... I then spent most of my day putting the finishing touches on an appellate brief for work. I snuck in some time at the driving range, it was my first time out for the year...and it was half bad, half good--so I'm going to focus on the good.  Honestly, it was a super lazy, but mildly productive day...which is exactly the way a Sunday should be.

Hope all of you had the most wonderful weekend.
Here are a song or two to get ya'll moving this morning:



  1. Ahh I love law prom :) you looked super pretty and my nails (intentionally) matched my date's shirt too!!

  2. This seems like such a great weekend! I'm happy to hear that there are "real people" proms too! I'd imagine it's be a little more fun now that you don't have to sneak in alcohol, and you looked gorgeous!